Financing College For Those With An Empty Wallet And An Open Mind

The modern U.S financial system is a devil’s contract for college students. Higher education is available, however often times this exchange puts a burden of tens of thousands of dollars of debt on the back of financially unstable, poor millennials- individuals already working part time to full time, with several jobs and varied backgrounds, incapable of finding affordable education. The truth is that the question isn’t how one can make college affordable, it’s how one can best reduce the cost of college to a more realistic financial burden

Know your student loans

Understanding what your loans are, how they work, their unique idiosyncrasies and the real dollar value of your loans is vitally important. Knowing how they work and how to choose your loans also allows you to select loans that will be easier to pay back down the road. Each loan has different policies that follow general rules, for example there are vast differences between Private & Federal Loans, with varied options for student loan forgiveness, student loan relief, and student loan consolidation. All of which can make the task of bearing the burden of higher education much easier.

 Know your career

Though most private sector careers have no options for loan support, if one is considering working for the government at the federal level, working in education as a teacher, or even joining the military, there are more options for student loan forgiveness, or even student loan relief through federal subsidization of your loans. As for the private sector, technology markets offer unique opportunities for students showing special ability or creativity within their respective field. The cutting edge, and highly competitive nature of the markets has a produced a unique relationship between business and prospective employee with poaching and job contracts being lined up before the students education is complete; though not a direct support for loans, the money, and job security provided combats the possibility of becoming a member of the working poor. Look for similar opportunities in your field, the social sciences, history, and education offer similar opportunities through clever networking and impressive coursework.

Know yourself

The limits to financing college stretch as far as your imagination. The jobs one can work, the scholarships one can receive, and the opportunities one can find heavily depend on individual aspiration and self-motivation. Look outside the box, and re-examine your options, constantly be on the search for ways to make extra money and keep your eye out for programs in your field that can help finance college. Financing college is a burden, yet knowledge is power, the power to control your debt, your life. Financing college and reducing student loans is possible, the tools are there. So use them.