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Budgeting 101

October 7, 2014 – October 7, 2014

141 N. Livermore Ave. CA, 94550


Financial education for individuals seeking help budgeting expenses


Understanding Credit 101~ October 9th, 2014
Thursday October 9th, 2014 TVHOC, 141 N. Livermore Ave. CA, 94550 Description: This class will help families and individuals understand what credit is, the main factors that affect your credit, how to manage your credit and debt, and how to maintain good credit! This class is perfect for anyone that is
Financial Education Seminars
What are your Goals?  Are you interested in purchasing a home?  Maybe you want to pay down debt or take a vacation.  What about long-term goals like saving for retirement and building a savings for emergencies and big future plans?  If this is you, we can teach you a manifold of skills to
One-on-One Counseling
While we are able to address many issues and answer questions during and at the closing of each seminar we do realize individuals may have unique situations they need assistance with. For those individuals, National Budget Planners is willing to meet with any attendee personally to analyze th